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Renowned for our superior quality custom mouthguards, Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards use the latest patented technologies and products during manufacturing. ALL our mouthguards are produced with comfort and function in mind and are specially designed to enhance both speech and breathing.

Robert Armanasco Gobsmacked Sports Custom Mouthguards Perth
Danny Greens Custom Sports Mouthguard

Gobsmacked Sports Mouthguards are the Official State Distributor in WA for AirGARDTM and HIGRIP AirGARDTM DIY mouthguards.  Proven by scientific research, our AirGARDTM mouthguard products are 30% more protective than any other custom mouthguard on the market.  This is achieved via the advanced air cell technology AirGARDTM, containing air cells that replicate heavy-duty bubble wrap for your teeth and jaw.

Our mouthguards are professionally made and customised to suit every individual.  We firmly believe that all sports players from novice to elite participants should be fitted with a professionally endorsed mouthguard.

Rob Armanasco

A local WA family owned and operated business, our team are knowledgeable, experienced dental prosthetists and technicians offering a wealth of experience in this niche field of preventative dentistry.

Our Director Rob Armanasco | Adv Dip DP, Dip DT, has an extensive and successful sporting career history and was a 1972 WAFL Premiership Player for East Perth Football Club.  With more than 40+ years in the dental industry and 10+ years specialising in custom mouthguards, Rob and his expert team completely understand the severity and unpredictable frequency of oral injuries caused during sporting activities. Therefore, it is our objective to manufacture our mouthguards to aid in the highest level of protection to reduce these injuries resulting from sporting activities.

Not only do we offer the highest quality custom mouthguards but we also pride ourselves on our customer service and after care.  Our friendly team are willing to answer any questions or concerns regarding all of our products.